527: Missions Focus

Hello, all!

There are times in our nation that everything seems perfect. We're debt free, the house is paid for, our jobs are doing well, and we have a beautiful family. It is often at these times that we find it easiest to be thankful and worship the King. It is easiest to give thanks for what we have when we have plenty.
And then the storm hits. Quite literally.

So what does one do when all that you have is suddenly scattered down the street? What do you do when all at once everything you have hoped, dreamed, worked, and prayed for is ripped away from you?

In the cases of many of the people in the severely storm plagued Plains...they give thanks.

Even as they crawl out of their own decimate houses they immediately run to the neighbors house to make sure that they are okay. Those who still have resources give what they have to those who are without. Though all that they have is gone they are thankful: Thankful to be alive.

They are all a true picture of what the American spirit is: Pushing forward. Persevering no matter what.
But, even as they help each other, they, themselves, still need help. That is where our missions focus this month comes in.

Samaritan's Purse is probably an organization that you hear about mostly at Christmastime. But Operation Christmas Child is just one of the many things that Samaritan's Purse does to help those who desperately need our support world wide, whether it be children in need of heart surgery, the exploited, or refugees from a war zone. Or those in hometown USA that just need a hand up.

Help them give a hand to the breadbasket today!

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