Monday, November 5, 2012

Lights, Camera,........

Well, this is it. The day before the election: The day before the day it all happens.

The media is scrambling, preparing for the all day coverage that will be provided during the day and on election night, when the winner will be announced.

The campaign workers are still hard at work making calls, mailing out flyers, and putting up signs. In fact, it seems like they're working even faster and harder than they were before. I've gotten at least nine calls today alone, and about six different political flyers and pamphlets in the mail.

The last sprint to the finish, I suppose.

I've always been a lover of politics; there is nothing better in my mind than a breaking story or a new controversy or scandal. Thus I've always loved the excitement of election day.  The voting, the waiting, and finally the big reveal on election night.

If your candidate wins, well, there's an excuse for a party. And if your candidate loses, well there's an excuse for another of my favorite things: a debate.

This particular election, however, has more excitement tied to it than any of the others before it; the stakes are higher.

I won't endorse either of the candidates (on here, at least), since I know that my view would doubtless be rather different than some of you, my readers, but I think that, regardless of their politics, most people here in this nation know that something has got to change. Things aren't going to be getting cheaper anytime soon, and jobs don't come out of thin air.

I think that, where ever your politics lie, people are realizing that things are not always as they seem. In fact, they are often not. It is no secret that rhetoric has grown deceitful, among politicians and media alike. I could cite at least a dozen examples.

I know that people always say that "More rides on this election than ever." But this time they're right. There is a lot of legislation that has been signed in the past that is beginning to trickle through the system, and it sure isn't going to be making anything better. Not to mention the things that very well may be passed.

I think that I feel how many Americans are beginning to feel: I don't care whether you have an (R) or a (D) next to your name, what I care about is whether or not you will defend the constitution and have my best interest at heart. Because the two go hand in hand.

So, however you choose to vote tomorrow, vote for the person you feel is best equipped to deal with these things, and pray that you made the right decision. For my generations sake. 

See you tomorrow,



  1. I can't say I'm a big fan of politics, but I do care about them. I just pray that the right decision will be made. =)

  2. So do I, Splashstorm. So do I.