Sunday, February 10, 2013

Stage Fright.

Happy belated  New Year, everyone!!! A new year, a new day. I know I'm a little bit late getting this New Year's post in, but, well, that's life. Anyhow...

It's something that every musician has been faced with at some point in time, something that I myself have been faced with the past while. It is something that does not just affect musicians, but pretty much every one that is alive on this earth: We all have our insecurities and frailties and we all want to do and be our absolute best. So this thing called stage fright spares no one, even the smallest of things, like that cheeky little comment you made last night that you thought to be quite funny and that everyone else didn't know what to say to, or simply not tripping on the way into the room.
These sorts of feelings seem to be taking the "center stage" the past while (no pun intended). With New Years resolutions having been  made and the corks beginning popped to launch us into a new year, 3/10s of the way through this fairly new decade, people are wondering what precisely this year might bring, and how in the world they are going to keep those resolutions.

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Every year we make resolutions and every year after a short while we stop them. They always end on a low note, and suddenly. I do take some shame in admitting that I've been one of those people the past few years. Not so this year.
Many people like to make resolutions like "run around the block every day," or "spend less time on the internet," or "cut down on desserts." But this year, along with two other resolutions that I have, I'm proposing a different sort of new year's resolution.

This year, and the past few years, people have been looking at our world wondering what happened. There is a failing economy, rising violence, and ultimately a changing mind set among the American people, especially our young people.

Many of our children are no longer being taught to try to climb to the top, to be the best they can be. Now a days everyone gets a trophy, even if you lose. We live in a feel good country.

The thing with feel good countries is that once people get into "feel good mode," it becomes nearly impossible to snap them out of it. It takes something big, presented in the right way, the only way: through the prism and light of the Word of our God.

Indeed, my dear friends, this world seems to be going up in smoke, and the body of Christ is the only thing that can change it.
And, while it may be because I'm young and foolish, I still believe that there's a chance for this country. I believe that there is hope for this nation of which 40% are atheist or agnostic. Let's call them "nones." Many of the "nones" are so because they are searching.

We live in a thirsty country that is searching for wealth in this broken economy, that is grasping for love in a cold world, while neglecting to look in the one place that true Love can be found. there are little girls who are not even familiar with the simplest of traditional values like sitting "like a lady."

And so, I believe that the time has come in this country for the Christians to get real and start living with one intention and goal in every part of their lives: that of boldly and powerfully declaring the truth of the Gospel, regardless of the responses from others. America was once renowned for being a boldly Judeo-Christian country. Why should we not be so again? I believe, no I know, that God has great things in store for the Christians that choose to stand up and weather the storm, that choose to forsake this world that they may win their own souls, and not only that, but the souls of others. Because that is what we are fighting for; and if one hasn't the courage to stand up to this World and stand with Christ, were they ever really with Him to begin with?

Thus  my dear friends, all of this is to make, rather than a New Years resolution, but rather a New Years declaration. And that being to live my life boldly and with strength, God willing.

After all, my dear reader, in the words of William Shakespeare, "All the world's a stage." And just now there ain't no room for nerves.

Thank you for reading!!! I'll try to get another post in for Valentines and  for Fat Tuesday.
God bless you!!! And Happy belated New Year!!!!!!!

Your writer,


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