Monday, May 13, 2013

A House of The Lord

Hello, all!

Well, life is starting to wind down a little. My classes are coming to an end, my outside activities are drawing to a close by the end of next month, and I should be able to do some more posting here soon. I also have another website that I'm going to be doing with two young men from my writing class. I'll post the link once we have everything up on it.

Home. What a wonderful place to be. It is the place where we know that we will always be safe and be loved. It is the thing that little girls hope and pray to have as their own one day, and the place that the weary traveler thinks of each and every day of their journey: the thing that keeps them going, that makes them keep walking, that makes them persevere.
It is this place that we call home.

There is something about home that brings back memories of days gone by; of afternoons spent lulling around the house with a book and a warm dog or running around the backyard playing army men with your big brother, waiting for Mom to call you in for a fresh baked batch of molasses cookies. It is these memories mixed with the joys of times gone by that remind us of the home that Christ procured for us by his shed blood and has gone to prepare for us and of the time when we will stand before His Face.

With a brother about to graduate from high-school and to go off to college in the fall, these things have often been on my mind lately.

My brother and I were blessed enough to be homeschooled, him since the first grade and I from preschool on. I would attempt to express the beauty of all of those days spent curled up on the back of the couch while my mom and brother read the "Chronicles of Narnia" aloud, or the treasures that are hidden in the mornings spent learning our catechism, from memorizing the books of the Bible to reading books of theology and of life and wisdom, but there is a certain kind of loveliness in those moments that no words could express. I would try to tell you all of the things that I have learned, not just through academics and through reading, but through learning to, not just get along with others, but to be kind and gracious in brotherly love. I have learned the grace of manners and the goodness of working your hardest. And I have learned to not just to work, but to serve, and not merely to serve my fellow man, but to serve my God and my Creator.

Some think that an education is merely learning one's arithmetic and reading the greats of literature, but I know that an education is so much more. It is learning to be a person, and not just any person, but the person the Good Lord made you to be. It is learning to discover the world and the glories of God's Creation and seeing it for the testimony it is: a testimony to His Glory.
An education is not just learning to discover and to be in the world, but to stand up and go against the tide. And, more than this, it is learning think and to hold every though captive, that we might spend every moment wisely to the Glory of our Father above.

Home. I can think of no better place to learn.

Thank you for reading! God bless you! You all are always in my prayers.

A servant of His,


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